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Trucks move Indiana!

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Share your appreciation of professional truck drivers in the state of Indiana!

Show your support of the Trucking Industry and the IMTA by renewing or ordering a "Trucks Move Indiana" specialty license plate this year! The plates cost just $40 each and the IMTA will receive $25 to go towards the Distracted Driving and Sharing the Road programs.

The “Trucks Move Indiana” license plate is for passenger cars, trucks up to 11,000 pounds, motorcycles, and recreational vehicles. Order now through or at your local license branch. Once you place your order, you will receive the plate in the mail within 14 days. (Keep in mind that specialty plates for personal vehicles can be purchased earlier than the renewal date, with the cost being the same as if you were to wait until your renewal date and will remain registered through the original dates).

The Bureau of Motor Vehicles requires 500 IMTA trucking plates to be sold each year for three years in order to keep the plate available for sale. We need to sell 77 more plates to meet this minimum goal.

The IMTA needs your support!

Support the IMTA - ordering and renewing is easy! Just click here to go to the IMTA page on the Indiana BMV website



Companies with multiple plates will soon be receiving renewal notices from the BMV. The BMV requires manual renewal for multiple vehicle company fleets. Companies are able to renew manually on the form or through the BMV website (there may be restrictions for online registration for some heavy weighted vehicles). To renew by form, simply write “IMTA” plate beside the vehicle on the form and then add an additional $40 (for the specialty plate) for each company vehicle you would like to renew


If you are interested in a low digit plate or have any additional questions, please email or call 317-608-6720 for more information. There are still several available.

Don't miss this special opportunity to support Safety & the Trucking Industry! Order or renew your plates today!

Please share with everyone you know, especially with the professional Indiana Truckers who keep this country moving every day. THANKS IN ADVANCE FOR YOUR SUPPORT!



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